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Hey RP buddie!!
Mon Nov 12, 2012, 7:29 AM
Hello everyone!
Mon May 28, 2012, 3:20 PM


Are you a Brony/Pegasister? 

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Stellanti Nocte by TheWeridSphinx
Stellanti Nocte
Art made by the glorious and lovely :iconcelestialsaturn44:


Stellanti Nocte

Age:: Ageless 

Species:: Lunar Person

Sexuality:: Pansexual

Build:: Tall and willowy, 6"0. 

Hair Color:: Light the night time sky. Basically black with stars in it. 

Eye Color:: pupil-less eyes that glow yellow. 

Skin Color:: Dark grey, appears to shimmer. 

Relationship Status:: Single

Need to know:: She was born under the surface of the dark side of the moon and has been around for a very long time. Every few years or so, her species go into a restorative sleep that restores any damage done to their body and keeps them in top shape. They can sleep for as long several years to centuries or only sleep for a few months. During this time they cannot be awakened and cannot reproduce or carry a child. Her species can also reproduce with any other species and with any gender. They have the ability to float and control the light around them. They can also survive without air for an extended amount of time. 

Personality:: She has only recently come to Ooo after waking up and can be awkward at times around people she doesn't know all that well. More often than not she is spaced out and can get lost within her own mind easily. Other than that she is an easy going person who loves everyone and loves listening to stories. She finds life interesting and can easily make a stranger into a friend. 

History:: Not much is known about Stellanti's early life. What is known is that she was born to a mother and a father under the surface of the dark side of the moon. When she became a full-fledged adult she came down to earth to live among the people there. For centuries she traveled the Earth meeting new people and studying cultures. She even walked among the ancient Egyptians and visited the roman empire. In the early 1800s she met and befriended a young woman who was the daughter of a rich business man. As time went by she introduced Stellanti to her family and she became like another daughter to them. Over the corse of a few years their friendship grew and grew until she began to have strange feelings for Stellanti. She was falling in love with her and to have these feelings for another woman would get her killed if anyone found out. Telling Stellanti they began to have a secret passionate relationship. She found herself falling more and more in love with the woman as the months went by. Until her father found out and threatened to have her and Stellanti murdered if she didn't marry the man he had picked out for her. Worried for Stellanti's life she went ahead and married the man who then promptly moved her to America in order to separate her and Stellanti. However Stellanti followed and a year later found her bruised, beaten, and scarred. In the middle of the night, Stellanti rescued her. 

After that Stellanti and the woman married and moved into hiding. For years she and her wife were happy. Stellanti even became pregnant. Months went by and it came time for her to deliver. After hours of labor and no one to help them, she delivered a tiny baby boy. The couple were elated to finally be mothers and raise a child together. Two years passed and the baby boy grew into a cute toddler. Life seemed perfect for them until the past caught up with them. Stellanti had been out getting food for dinner when her wife's former husband and abuser broke into the house with the aid of her father. Tying her up her father pulled out her son as he kicked and screamed. Putting a gun to his head her father pulled the trigger ending his life. Wailing her wife fell limp. When Stellanti came back she dropped her groceries and ran for the house where she found her wife's ex-husband forcing himself on her and her wife's father watching with a grin. A fight ensued and at the end of it only Stellanti's wife came out without any additional wounds. Untying her wife Stellanti fell limp to the ground, weak from the wounds she had gotten. 

Burying their only son Stellanti's wife came back into the house to find her quickly fading on the bed where she had nursed her wounds. Clutching her wife's hand Stellanti told her she'd have to go into her restorative sleep or else she would die. She didn't know how long she would be asleep, but she had to do it. She told her if she was asleep for more than three years it was okay if she remarried. After a heartfelt good night and good bye Stellanti's wife watched her drift off to sleep where her body began to faintly glow. She never left Stellanti's side during the years she was asleep. She stood guard and promised to never leave her even after three years passed. She found another woman and remarried after much debate. She built her new house and family around Stellanti in hopes she would wake up in her lifetime. Years passed and Stellanti's wife grew old. Losing hope She finally decided to move on. With the help of her new wife and children, she found a cave to seal Stellanti in. After that every year up until her death she came to visit Stellanti. 

Thousands of years went by before she finally awoke and when she did, she found herself in a completely new world. Gone was the world she had known and her wife that she had loved. It was replaced with a totally alien landscape and new and odd people. No one greeted her with curiosity or wonder because of what she looked like. She seemed to blend right in. Wandering aimlessly around Ooo for the good part of twenty years, she finally settled down in a small cottage where she lives today. She is now a part time worker at a gardening farm and shop and lives by herself near the woods.
Wish Dreamsand by TheWeridSphinx
Wish Dreamsand
Art made by the glorious and lovely :iconcelestialsaturn44:


Wish Dreamdust 

Age:: 19

Species:: Half-Sand Person Half-Genie 

Sexuality:: Bisexual, but prefers males. 

Build:: Average, skinny with wide hips, 5"6.

Hair Color:: Blonde. Her hair is made up of tiny bits of dream sand that are constantly flowing before vanishing at the ends just at the small of her back. Looks like normal hair and behaves like normal hair, but is smooth to the touch.

Eye Color:: sapphire blue

Skin Color:: golden and a little shimmery. 

Relationship Status:: Single

Need to know:: Don't take her out when it's windy, her hair will blow away and anyone standing behind her will get blinded by the dream sand before promptly falling asleep. She is able to grant wishes to people who gain her trust.

Personality:: A very meek and kind. Being the only daughter of the Sand Man, and being a daddy's girl, has made her shy. Even though she is shy she likes to learn about culture and about the lands surrounding her father's kingdom. She loves to be in the garden her father had made for her and in the library her father had given her. Despite being very spoiled by her father she isn't a brat and loves helping people whenever she can. 

History:: Wish is the youngest of two kids, her older brother and her. Her brother was going to be the heir to the crown before he met his untimely death in a short-lived war with a neighboring kingdom. Left with no heir to the thrown and grieving the death of his only child The Sandman locked himself away from his people for years. Only allowing contact with his servants and his wife, The Sandman quickly began to drown in depression. Through this dark time he constantly pleaded for his wife to wish their son back, even though he knew she couldn't bring the dead back to life. A year and a half went by and the state of his kingdom was falling. His wife stepped up to run the kingdom while her husband was out of commission. Times were harsh and bleak for the kingdom until one night his wife got sick. After two hours in the hospital nurses delivered the life-changing news to The Sandman. His wife was pregnant and he would soon be a father again. Bringing purpose back into his life The Sandman set out to ruling his kingdom again and preparing the kingdom for the arrival of a new heir. 

After months of preparation and much fretting over his wife, even though she waved him off most of the time, the time came for his new child to arrive. Nearly ten hours later and an almost broken hand, Wish was born into the world as quiet as could be. The king and queen were worried that something was wrong with newborn Wish, even after nurses and doctors confirmed nothing was wrong. Days went by and Wish never cried or made a peep. Worried something was wrong with her, The Sandman wished that she would make a sound. Not even a second after Wish began to cry. Laughing the Queen held her to her chest remarking that, "She's got more Genie in her than sand person." 

Wish still lives in the palace practicing for one day becoming queen. She likes to go out in the kingdom to meet up with her friends and see what the kingdom is like. 
Orchard Grass by TheWeridSphinx
Orchard Grass
Art made by the glorious and lovely :iconcelestialsaturn44:


Orchard Grass
Age:: 27

Species:: Majorly Grass Person, but has a little bit of Vampire in her.

Sexuality:: Straight, but has experimented in the past.

Build:: Hourglass shaped and has little extra around the edges, but she's athletic. 5"4, she's a small thing, but don't take her higth for a weakness. She'll kick your ass if provoked. 

Hair Color:: Light Green

Eye Color:: Brown, only has one eye

Skin Color:: Dark green

Relationship Status:: Talking to Drake, :iconblackblade94:

Need to know:: Lost her right eye in the military. Never ask her about her military career, you'll be likely to get hit. She has PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She rarely ever has any episodes, but when she does it's very bad. 

Personality:: Her time in the military has made her a loud mouth and an avid cusser. Somewhere along the way she has also lost the filter on her brain and says whatever she wants to say, good or bad. She loves to wrestle and work out and can bench nearly three times her weight. Despite being somewhat rough around the edges she is a kind person and will always stick by your side. She is also stubborn and very hard headed. She doesn't speak about her time in the military. 

History:: Orchard was born to two loving parents who raised her to stand up for herself and to never take bull from anyone. She often got into scraps and fights as a kid and at school, thus causing her to be in detention often. Despite being the troublemaker in her schools, she kept her grades up and never fell behind. Going into college she learned engineering and joined the after school Military group. There she learned what it meant to be a soldier and teamwork. Right after college she joined the military and went through two years of intensive training. At the end of her two years she graduated and was promptly sent on her first deployment. Up until turning 25 she totaled four deployments all over Ooo and she won countless metals for her bravery and valor. During her last deployment she got into a firefight which killed most of her squad, her and the last surviving squad mate made it out. However, a bullet from an enemy was shot and went directly through her right eye. Given a very slim chance at survival she was in the veteran's hospital for months. On the last day when her mother and father were going to give the order to take her off of life support she woke up screaming and pulling at the IVs and things keeping her alive. Even though she had survived she had sustained mental trauma and had to stay in the mental health ward for several more months. Getting out of the hospital she was determined to make a life for herself again. When she was able to support herself she moved out and into an apartment. There she became a physical trainer and got herself a job building and designing new ships and equipment. 
Healani "Lanai" Poltergeist 
  • Spirit/artificially created being
  • Unknown, artificially born a few years after the Mushroom War.
  • Able to solidify herself, basically able to give herself the appearance of being a normal person. Took years to perfect. 
  • Can possess people and objects. Rarely does this on purpose. Often flies into objects and posseses them when scared. Never possesses a person unless she gets permission first. 
  • Can maintain wounds and major injuries, basically able to keep them from getting worse until they are able to get professional medical help. However she's only able to do this until her energy runs out.
  • Has a almost perfect history memory. After being "born" her creators taught her everything she could learn before their mysterious disapearance. Through time and fending for herself she has forgotten some things she had been taught.
Solid Eye color:
  • Light blue, almost white
Solid Skin Color:
  • Dark olive tone
Solid Hair color:
  • Light brown with a few silver streaks.
  • Lanai is a very loving and forgiving person. She can be very meek and is sometimes easily scared, but she is always willing to help whenever she can. Wandering between kingdoms she has built up the reputation for being the wandering spirit. Because she was artificially born she sees herself as foreign to Ooo and not of this world. However she constantly strives to make herself at home in Ooo and find a place where she belongs. 
  • Lanai was a last ditch attempt to save Humanity. With few women around them two male scientists created a team to artificially create Human life. After four years and no viable embryos they were ready to give up and admit the Human race was doomed to die out. Until a little chirp on their sensors detected that one of the artificial embryos was viable. From then on the scientists gave their all to keep the little embryo alive. Then after nine months a little Lanai was born. Sharing a celebratory kiss the two scientists began to raise the little Lanai. She was more than they could hope. She was strong, smart, brilliant in all fields, and was proving to be the savior of humanity. Until a lab explosion tore their hope apart. Lanai was killed in the explosion. For two weeks the Scientists locked themselves up in denial that their little girl wasn't dead. Then when all hope seemed to be gone Lanai in Spirit form returned. They were ecstatic. Years went by and the scientists raised their special girl and helped her control her new form. 
  • Then when Lanai was 16 she woke up to find her fathers gone without a trace. She spent years searching for them endlessly until finally she gave up and tried to make a life for herself. Now she wanders through Ooo trying to find a forever home and find out what happened to her fathers. 
Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference for males. 
Status: Single
Badass Hancock by TheWeridSphinx
Badass Hancock
Found this in the comic book store and couldn't resist putting it on Hancock. 

:iconlady-owl: I really couldn't resist doing this. xD


TheWeridSphinx's Profile Picture
Mrs. Herp De Derp
Artist | Student | Literature
"I was once content to stay on the outside of the mirror and look at the person that I would become. I was more than happy just to sit back and watch the world go on without me. Sure I had my moments where I actually wanted to step into the stream and get carried away with life, but I would always shake my head no and go sit back down going back to being happy watching the world go by without me. Well I'm kicking that person to the curve. I'm tired of watching the world go by, I'm tired of being out of the stream. I'm ready to smash that mirror I've been looking at and pull that person out, I-I'm ready to become that person that god put in my mother's womb and then later on the Earth he created. I don't know what that person is going to become or what she'll do. But hey, let's just jump in the stream and see."

I'm a Open-minded Sassy Stubborn Christian that loves learning about the world. If you're a living being I'll warm up to you, but beware I have my claws and I ain't afraid to use them if you hurt me or someone I care about.

Likes: Tennessee Walking Horses, Gaited Horses, Pranking, my DA family, my family, my unblooded family, Music, Folk, Indie, Trance, Club/House music, The simple things, writing, my friends, Adventure time, Steven Universe, Regular show, Discovery, Dirty Jobs, History, National Geographic, etc.

Dislikes: O3o I ain't tellin

Music Likes: Anything that floats my boat.

Age: Wouldn't you like to know?

My DA Family!!

My little sisters:

:iconmissbillyf: ~ :iconoreo5317: ~ :iconmidnightgamer96:

My Best Friend:
    I want to bring to the attention the topic of art theft. Even though I am not an artist, I take the whole Art Theft thing seriously. I have friends who are artists and have put a lot of time and effort into creating the art they make. When someone steals their art and claims it as their own, I consider that a crime and a major violation. Please if you see an artist's work being claimed by someone who clearly isn't the artist themselves, please report it. 

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