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Hey RP buddie!!
Mon Nov 12, 2012, 7:29 AM
Hello everyone!
Mon May 28, 2012, 3:20 PM


Are you a Brony/Pegasister? 

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Dear Celera,

            They have caught up with me again and this time I can’t take you with me. It is for Rosaline’s sake, she needs a comfortable and safe home to be brought up in. Even if it’s just you raising her. A life on the run is simply not the place for a baby to develop and grow in. So once you deliver her please go somewhere where she can be raised safely. Once I take care of these loose ends I will find you again, but in the meantime please continue your life without me.



            She folded the worn and dog eared letter back up and placed it back into the small jewelry box she kept it in. In hindsight she should have gotten rid of it long ago, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. It was the last thing she had gotten from her aunt before she disappeared to protect Celera and her then unborn daughter. That was two years ago and in two months it would mark three years she hadn’t seen her aunt. Sighing she closed the box and fell back onto her bed running her hands over her face.

            “Guess it’s time to get down to the shop,” she murmured before walking into her closet to change into a fresh set of work clothes.

            After brushing her hair and teeth she stomped down the stairs where she was greeted by Juno. He smiled at her and welcomed her with a warm hug. “How’s my girl today?” he said looking her over and raising an eyebrow. “You were reading that letter again.”

            She sighed and laid her head on his shoulder. “I couldn’t help it, Juno. I keep hoping one day she’ll come back and I can have my family back,” she said into his shoulder.

            Juno wrapped his arms around her. “You have me, Fluffy, Skylar, and Jonas. We’re you’re family,” he said pulling back to look at her. “Also you have that old frump,” he said referring to her boyfriend, Lance. “And Ellie. Plus whenever you two are ready you can expand the family. So you have family here,” he said patting her shoulders.

            She gave him a small smile. “You always know what to say.”

            “Oh I want in on this!” said a somewhat chubby marshmallow man coming in through the door of the shop. He came up and squeezed them with his free arm. The other was holding a sleeping small half reptilian half marshmallow baby girl. “I hope you don’t mind me bringing Skylar along. She’s still too young to leave at the daycare.”

            “Oh it’s fine,” she said taking the little girl in her arms. “The customers love her anyways.”

            “Well good,” Fluffy said giving Juno a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m going to start putting out the fresh sweets and such. Can you keep an eye on her?” he asked pulling Juno with him.

            “Sure,” she said simply walking to the counter with Skylar in tow.


            It was after he lunch time rush and the store was finally settled down again. Celera sat at the counter holding Skylar when she heard the door chime. Looking up she smiled seeing the liquorish man with a little girl. His dreadlocked black and red hair was pulled back away from his face and he was in his work clothes. He came to the counter and gave her a kiss. “How’s my girl today?” he said leaning on the counter.

            “I am good,” she said looking down at Skylar.

            “A baby!” the little girl who had been beside him said sprinting around the corner. Two bright green eyes looked over her lap and to the baby. “Can I touch her?” she said looking up to Celera.

            “Yes you may, but remember to be gentle Ellie,” she said leaning so Ellie could get a better look of the baby. The little girl reached her hand up and gently brushed Skylar’s soft head. “Her name is Skylar, she’s the daughter of Fluffy and Juno.”

            “She’s so soft,” Ellie said her eyes widening. She looked to her dad. “Can I be a big sister?”

            Both Lance and Celera shifted nervously and blushed. “Maybe in a year or two,” Lance said looking at Celera.

            She looked away not wanting him to know that she felt flattered that he thought they would still be together in another year. The other relationships she had been in usually never made it to a year and her shortest relationship had been a month. She still had so many insecurities and things she wasn’t sure about, could she hold a relationship that long?

            “Here to get Ellie’s snacks?” Celera said getting up to retrieve a little pink bag from the top shelf.

            “Yep,” he watched her as she balanced the little baby and getting Ellie’s snacks.

            “Here,” she said coming back down and handing Lance the small bag.

            “Thanks,” he took the bag and kissed her before he left. “See you tonight?” he asked before he walked out the door.

            “Yep,” she said smiling at him.

            As he left she wondered if they would make it to a year and what would happen in that year. “Celera?” she heard Juno call her from the back kitchen. “Can you come make the rest of this? I’ll man the counter and Skylar,” he said coming out of the back kitchen.

            “Sure,” she said handing the little girl to him before heading into the back. Before going into the back kitchen she turned to Juno. “Do you think we’ll make it to a year?”

            He dismissed this with a wave of his hand. “Of course. Lance is a good man, plus and old frump like that needs someone with more energy.”

            She rolled her eyes and walked into the back of the store to help Fluffy and to finish off the rest of the fresh sweets. 

A birthday gift for :iconcelestialsaturn44:


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